Youth and Adults

Are these common themes with your teen?

  • They are struggling to control the roller-coaster of emotions growing up, angst, frustration and wanting a purpose
  • They make hasty, poorly-considered decisions and can improve their judgment of how their actions impact themselves and those around them
  • They have low self-esteem, or give up easily when confronted with a challenge
  • They are struggling with self-motivation and focus, impacting their school grades
  • They’re being bullied at school, or they are the instigator
  • A constant struggle to find an active and healthy alternative to electronics

Our youth classes emphasize core values of discipline, respect, and persistence. Teenagers who study Soo Bahk Do learn the benefits of self-control and discipline and the way they treat others – in and out of the Dojang – reflects on them as an individual and affects their ability to achieve their goals. Teenagers can be challenged, frustrated, and fraught with negative peer pressure. A positive environment and role models at the Dojang will help them through these challenging years by providing a firm base of positive relationships and activities supported by a sound philosophy. The principles of Soo Bahk Do Moo Duk Kwan can help them make good decisions and take positive actions during this time.

Class Times – Wednesday 6-7pm

As an adult are you looking for

  • Confidence that you can defend yourself, and have the courage to rise up when you need to
  • An outlet to decrease stress and anxiety, a dedicated time to focus on yourself and self-improvement
  • A way to keep fit and active
  • An activity you can do as a whole family and build strong connections together

Our classes for adults can help improve your fitness, core strength and flexibility whilst learning to defend yourself. With a syllabus based on 300 years of martial arts history, there is something to challenge everyone regardless of age or ability. Adult maturity also allows increased insight into the history, traditions and philosophical learnings of the art.

Self-defence – Defending yourself and the family you love is a priority, and studying Soo Bahk Do helps you learn basic but effective methods when confronted with a dangerous situation. It can help overcome the feeling of vulnerability and instill strength and confidence when you know you can defend yourself.

Self-esteem, courage and confidence – Our school, family and career environments can be highly competitive and this pressure can lead to low self-esteem if we don’t ‘succeed’. By providing students with a series of achievable goals to pursue and learning to trust their strength and ability in a challenging environment, it provides a boost of confidence and a sense of achievement.

Courtesy and respect – The cornerstone of traditional Martial Arts, students must treat both their instructor and fellow students with the courtesy they would expect themselves. Teenage ‘attitude’ can easily lack respect, especially towards authoritive figures, and therefore students of Soo Bahk Do are taught that self-respect is just as important and the respect of others is often ‘earnt, not given’.

Decision making – When we make snap decisions based on charged emotions, we often disregard the possible consequences of such hastily-made choices. During Soo Bahk Do classes we teach students how to evaluate situations with a wider perspective and make calculated and considered decisions

Goal setting and persistence – Teens (and adults alike) can find it difficult to set goals in either short or long-term, and giving students a multitude of challenges allows them to pursue individual goals on a regular basis. We emphasise the importance of proper form and staying in control, neither of which is possible without persistence and discipline.

Discipline, focus and concentration – As we are presented with challenges at school, work or home, we tend to take the easy way out of situations and may find it is not always the most positive or favourable long-term. The progression within Soo Bahk Do grading system requires dedication, commitment and discipline in the pursuit of desired goals.

Bullying – A distressing but realistic plight in both school and work place environments, if you or your child is being bullied you are well aware of the impacts. By teaching students self-respect and self-worth they can focus on their natural talents and capabilities to carry themselves with strength and dignity. In contrast, teens who bully their peers often lack their own self-esteem or inability to control their fear, anger or aggression. Soo Bahk Do helps teens reduce their aggression and channel it into something positive, teaching them that violence and unkindness are not the answer to their problems. 

Healthy lifestyle and fitness – All martial arts training focus on strength, balance and flexibility, building core strength and cardiovascular fitness as students progress. Soo Bahk Do is a ‘whole-of-body’ martial art, developing the connection between mind to body for co-ordination and control. As a ‘Moo Do‘/’Martial Virtue‘ style, it also incorporates a philosophical understanding of the art to foster ‘martial scholars’.

Stress-relief – For modern teenagers, peer pressure, grades, hormones and interpersonal issues can add up to a significant stress load. As adults, work, family and finance stresses contribute as well and we often accept it as a way of life. Without an outlet, these can lead to anxiety, depression, high-blood pressure and diminished well-being. Our active classes and positive environment provide an endorphin release to release the tension and balance the emotional and mental state of mind.

Friends and family – Our classes are friendly community environments, and regardless of age, gender or ability, students can connect with one another and share a common interest. We encourage students to build social circles to strive for and celebrate successes together, and new friendships often extend beyond the DoJang.