Karate Kids

Have you ever thought to yourself:

  • My child is a great kid but struggles to listen, and you lose track of how many times you ask them to do something before it happens
  • They’re bright and intelligent, yet have trouble paying attention at home or school and focusing on a task at hand
  • They are shy and lack confidence and self-esteem in social environments
  • How hard it is to find alternatives to electronics, or encourage active and outdoor activities that they are interested in

Our KARATE KIDS classes provide a fun, friendly and supportive environment for children aged 6 to 8 years. Not only do we teach the foundations of Soo Bahk Do and it’s self-defence techniques, we ensure it is a safe place to ‘burn off the energy’ whilst providing valuable life skills along the way. As a parent of two children and teaching Kids classes for over 20 years, we have plenty of experience in keeping the students entertained and focused while still ensuring they have fun!

Class Times – Wednesday 5-5.45pm

Self-defence and awareness – As troubling as it may be, it is important to instill basic self-defence and awareness in our children. We teach them how to be aware of their surroundings, and basic moves to give them the confidence to react to a situation if they need to.

Respect and self-respect – Respect is a foundation of the traditional martial arts and it is ingrained within our actions in the studio. We teach all students to respect not only their instructors but fellow students as well, and over time this becomes a second nature to treat themselves, and those around them, with courtesy and respect.

Discipline, focus and concentration – As one of the ‘8 Key Concepts’, concentration lessons ensures the students listen and pay attention in class, focusing on instructions and having the discipline to follow class content. This is a skill we can all work on, but especially for children to help them work effectively at school and home alike by building the mental discipline to focus on their goals and avoid distractions.

Courage and confidence – Another of the ‘8 Key Concepts’, we teach students to be courageous in their actions and this leads to confidence in themselves through their ability to grow and improve. By regularly performing in front of their peers and instructors they learn to trust themselves, in turn boosting their confidence and self-esteem which they will carry with them into later life.

Goal setting and achievement – Students are evaluated on their own individual merits and progression through the Kids grading system requires them to strive for milestones to meet the next level (such as a new stance, block or kick). Gradings and progression is not automatic so that students learn the value of hard work and persistence.

Healthy lifestyle and fitness – Although children are not expressly aware of the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, as parents we do! By keeping the classes active and providing fitness goals, students learn to push themselves to achieve their own targets such as a lower stance, higher kick, stronger punch and sets the foundations for an active lifestyle later in life.

Balance, co-ordination and motor skills – Even though the lessons are designed to be fun and engaging, there is still an emphasis on technical ability. Children are taught to co-ordinate their entire body (legs and arms included!) to perform stances, blocks, kicks and punches. As they progress through the syllabus the techniques increase in difficulty to help develop ambidexterity, balance and co-ordination.