Soo Bahk Do is a traditional martial art with no emphasis on competition or violence. The skills taught are designed to develop students self control, personal discipline and awareness of themselves and their surroundings. Lessons are adjusted to suit learning styles, training intent, fitness level and maturity to build confidence, resilience and self worth. Class environment is all-inclusive and there are no limitations on age or gender as everyone has individual strengths and weaknesses which are embraced within our training and students are only assessed against their own potential. The Soo Bahk Do curriculum is diverse and broad enough that students will always be challenged and motivated towards realising their full potential both physically and mentally. 

Class Structure

Classes begin with a traditional opening ceremony, warm-ups and an explanation of the skills and theory that will be covered during the class. Classes finish with a cool down consisting of stretching, strengthening and conditioning drills designed to compliment the technical skills of Soo Bahk Do. Lessons are a balance of hard and soft, in keeping with the theory that a martial artist is both a warrior and a scholar. All classes are set with a theme inspired by Moo Do Philosophy, and incorporate elements of the following:‚Äč

  • Practical self defence
  • Stretching
  • Stances
  • Partner work
  • Hyung (pre-sequenced sets of movements)
  • Kicking and hand techniques
  • Strengthening and conditioning drills
  • Traditional breathing exercises
  • Meditation

Location: Palmerston College (7-9 Campus), 185 Forrest Parade Rosebery. Outside Assembly Area

Karate Kids (6 – 8 years) – Wednesday 5-5.45pm

Youth and Seniors (9 years and up) – Monday & Wednesday 6-7pm (All Levels), 6-7.30 (Green belts and above)